Ullesthorpe Court Golf Club


Men's Individual Open Medal

Friday 5th October 2018, White Tees, Ullesthorpe Court

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ResultsNett [click for Gross]CSS 71 (Visitors 74)
1st Stephen Hargreaves(13) 61
2nd Gerald Sanders(19) 67
3rd Thomas S Watson(17) 68
4th Carl Porter(24) 69
5th Stuart Jordan(15) 69
6th Dave Williams(21) 70
7th Cameron Daniel Chalmers(4) 70
8th Hugh Shields(15) 71
9th David Leech(16) 72
10th Stephen Eaves(3)  Hinckley Golf Club72
11th David Evrall(0) 72
12th A P Jones(17)  Mickleover Golf Club73
13th Craig Pallett(10) 73
14th Brian John Chaplin(11) 74
15th Nigel Roberts(18)  Coventry Golf Club74
16th Neill Robinson(15)  Hinckley Golf Club74
17th Colin Porter(20) 74
18th Martin Valente(18)  City of Coventry (Brandon Wood) GC75
19th Vincent Carr(19) 75
20th Mike Humphreys(23) 75
21st S.d Watton(2)  Enville Golf Club75
22nd Charlie Murray(11)  Stonebridge Golf Centre75
23rd David Butcher(22) 75
24th Kevin S Morris(19) 76
25th Craig Wright(24) 76
26th Rick Lorenzo(14)  The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club76
27th Craig Watts(17)  Hatchford Brook Golf Club76
28th Kevin Fairbrother(15) 76
29th Frans Loomans(18)  Mowsbury Golf Club76
30th Neil Marchi(8)  Stonebridge Golf Centre76
31st John Robson(12) 76
32nd Paul John Dann(21) 76
33rd Paul Watton(10) 76
34th Robert Brightmore(10)  Hinckley Golf Club76
35th John Nicholls(13) 77
36th David Whitmore(14) 77
37th Peter Towers(16) 77
38th John Bloxham(20) 77
39th Dave Snow(15) 77
40th Paul Briggs(23)  Hinckley Golf Club77
41st Brian Rothwell(13) 77
42nd Michael Parker(14)  Glen Gorse Golf Club77
43rd Michael Lambert(10)  Kenilworth Golf Club78
44th Alex Matthews(12) 78
45th Craig Rice(19)  Beedles Lake Golf Club79
46th PJ Horsley(16)  Kibworth Golf Club79
47th Ray Lea(22) 79
48th Tom O'Reilly(12)  The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club79
49th Paul Orr(17)  Stonebridge Golf Centre80
50th Trevor Griffiths(14)  Kenilworth Golf Club80
51st Kevin Horak(11) 80
52nd Paul Cater(23)  Pavenham Park Golf Club80
53rd Kevin Rivers(7)  Bristol Golf Club (The)80
54th Tim J Nagle(13)  Beauchief Golf Club80
55th Tim Benn(13)  Coventry Golf Club80
56th Kenneth Chesterman(16) 80
57th Melvyn Randon(24) 80
58th Paul Gurney(15)  81
59th Bill Slater(25) 81
60th Paul Daniel Mann(14) 81
61st Nick Gould(12) 81
62nd Thomas Doyle(11) 81
63rd Paul Diehl(19) 82
64th John Freeborough(11)  Mickleover Golf Club82
65th Steve Sear(13)  Ogbourne Downs Golf Club82
66th Alan Taylor(11)  The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club82
67th Alan Turton(6) 83
68th Frazer Edge(14) 83
69th Gerard Looker(16) 84
70th Ryan Anthony Watkins(9) 84
71st Colin Matthews(11)  Perdiswell Park Golf Club85
72nd Lewis Simpson(9)  Hinckley Golf Club85
73rd John Stafford(20)  86
74th Gordon Bannerman(23)  Rugby Golf Club87
75th Peter Brown(17)  Lilley Brook Golf Club87
76th Michael Davey(23)  Kibworth Golf Club88
77th Graham Baggott (Snr)(21) 89
78th Steve Milton(29) 97
79th James Hall(19) NR
80th Neil David Fletcher(22) NR
81st Jeremy Ayres(17) NR
82nd Chris Whitmore(14)  Marston Lakes Golf ClubNR
83rd Chris Jones(13)  Coventry Golf ClubNR
84th Stephen Watson(8) NR
85th Tony Gregory(16)  The Warwickshire Golf & Country ClubNR
86th Chris Satchell(11)  The Warwickshire Golf & Country ClubNR
87th Phil Baskerville(9) NR
88th Jason Williams(13) NR
89th Iain Smart(25) NR
90th Mick Hobson(21)  Nene Park Golf ClubNR
91st Steven Grant(13) NR
92nd Mark Naylor(8) NR

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